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CNC Punching

CNC Punching Equipment

With a punch capacity to 30 tons and a maximum sheet size of 60" x 120", our Trumpf CNC punching machines are ideal for a wide variety of applications.  Machines feature full 360 degree tool rotation on all tools and can be used in the following processes:

  • Louvering
  • Extrusion
  • Piercing
  • Thread Form
  • Beading
  • Marking
  • Tapping

These machines feature position accuracy to .002 inch and utilize automatic part removal and automated sheet processing for loading and unloading parts.

 TruPunch 5000 with Sheetmaster Automation

  • Work Space: 50”x100”
  • Active die base for scratch free processing
  • Maximum Material Thickness: 0.3125
  • Processing speed 1600 hits per min
  • Automation SheetMaster, SortMaster Box and Tool automation.


Punch Laser Combination

With a stroke rate of 900 hits/minute and 2,800 hits/minute during marking, our Trumatic 6000L is ideal for use on jobs where part turnaround and delivery are critical.  The powerful 3200 watt laser makes processing a snap and can easily accommodate additional processes such as tapping, forming and high speed marking.

TruMatic 1000 w/ 3000 Watt Fiber Laser

  • Work Space: 60”x120”
  • Workpiece Weight: 500#
  • Maximum Material Thickness: 0.250”
  • Processing speed 600 hits per min

 TruMatic L6000 with Sheetmaster Automation w/ 3200 watt laser

  • Punch speed complimented with laser versatility
  • Work Space: 50”x100”
  • Workpiece Weight: 440#
  • Maximum Material Thickness: 0.3125”
  • Processing speed 900 hits per min

TruMatic machines combine all the advantages of punch laser processing. Whether it is small lot sizes or large series: Haake can produce a wide range of parts and solve even the most demanding of tasks with their punch laser machines. The punching head processes standard contours and formed sections such as tabs, threads, or countersinks. The laser is simply the best for cutting high-quality outer contours; and delicate inner contours. Only punch laser machines enable you to cut highly precisely or even on forms which have already been created.