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Sheet Metal Capabilities

CNC Laser Cutting

Haake Manufacturing can provide laser cut parts in various material types. With both CO2 and Fiber lasers, steel, stainless, aluminum, brass and copper can all be processed. Laser cutting is one of the most cost effective processes for parts that need cleaner edges, that have difficult profiles or tight tolerances or that require smaller kerf and heat affected zones. With up to 8000 watts of processing power, no one can process faster!


CNC Punching

Haake Manufacturing’s CNC punching technology permits complex, three-dimensional processing with the goal of complete processing on one machine. The punching head on each machine has full 360 degree rotation. Our newest machine, the Trumpf TruPunch 5000, is the market leader in productivity, quality, flexibility and efficiency.


CNC Punch/Laser Combination

We are the only job shop in the St. Louis region that has punch and laser processing on the same machine. Our combination machine has all the benefits of both punching and laser processing. It enables us to produce a broad range of parts and to handle the most challenging jobs successfully. The punching head performs standard contouring and forming tasks, while complex contours are cut with our 3200 watt laser. Such combination processing allows us to produce parts quickly without the added time and cost associated with moving the parts between separate machines.


CNC Press Brake Forming

Our current generation press brakes are flexible enough to manage the widest range of applications. With automated 6-axis back gauges we can provide the ultimate in flexible manufacturing. With the addition of our electric brakes for faster processing, customer parts can be produced cost-effectively.


Metal Stamping

With new AIDA punching cells to 160 tons, progressive or single station tool processing is available. Outfitted with LINK controls, servo feeds, tonnage monitors and die sensors quality parts are assured. Other presses, ranging from 5 -150 tons, include top equipment brands including Bliss, Federal, Niagara and Pacific.


Robotic Welding

MIG robotic welding of steel, stainless and aluminum is processed on our OTC Daihen Exo Arc 200, or on our Lincoln Electric System 20 fully integrated pneumatic turntable cell. Both machines designed to be unloaded while the machine processing continues, best suited for production runs of medium and high volumne.


Value Added Services

Haake currently offers assembly services from manufacture/source to finished packaging. Most metal finishing offered for turn key parts (plating, anodize/Iridite, black oxide, chrome and heat treating.) Hardware insertion for most industry metal fasteners on state of the art PEM machines available.