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Powder Coating

Haake Manufacturing offers state of the art industrial powder coating services. This dry process allows for extremely fast color changes and continuous coating.


The installed a GAT Finishing System which represents the cutting edge in finishing technology. The six-stage polypropylene washer with GAT proprietary in-tank heat exchanger offers low maintenance cost, longer service intervals, and lower utility costs. A 25-minute combination dry-off and cure oven was selected to cure the powder. This design allows for a reduced number of burner boxes resulting in lower capital and maintenance costs. At the entry of the cure oven, a high intensity IR boost was installed to mitigate cross contamination, decrease cure times, and add additional “crinkle” to some of Haake’s powders. In total, the oven can cure ¼” plate steel at 8 FPM repeatably and reliably. A 3” I-beam conveyor system was selected to ensure enough weight capacity.

gema powder coating

Gema Powder Coating System

  • Automatic Powder Gun Applicators that can control film build application parameters precisely to within manufacturers/customers specs
  • Multiple color capabilities
  • State of the art application technology
  • Environmental room to help eliminate material contamination as well as maintain proper coating dryness when stored
  • Programmable coating parameters for repetitive production runs of the same parts and or customer coating specifications
  • Achieve a uniform film thickness all over the surface of the object.
  • Avoid powder contamination between the colors you are using.
  • Make sure the coated parts have a nice and uniform appearance, without "orange peel", backionization, picture frame effect and other defects.
  • Make sure that your good coating results remain stable and repeatable over a very long period of time.
  • Super-fast color change
  • Continuous coating for a higher efficiency
  • Maximized productivity and flexibility of the line
  • Easy operation with comfortable touch screen panel
  • Consistent results thanks to the library of application programs

gema powder coating

gema powder coating